Customer Policy

Customer Policy:

1. Subscription Details:

  • Our subscription service delivers comprehensive training on real estate purchasing and house wholesaling processes and strategies.
  • Subscribers unlock a carefully curated array of courses, webinars, and resources geared towards enhancing their expertise in real estate investment.

2. Subscription:

The subscription option available is a monthly recurring plan, offering the flexibility to cancel subscriptions before the commencement of the next billing cycle.

3. Payment and Billing:

  • Securely process payments through our online platform.
  • Billing aligns with the chosen subscription plan.
  • Auto-renewal is activated by default for uninterrupted service access; subscribers can manage settings in their account preferences.

4. Account Security:

  • Maintain confidentiality of account credentials.
  • Report unauthorized account use promptly to customer support.

5. Content Accessibility:

  • Enjoy unlimited access to all training materials and resources during the active subscription.

6. Customer Assistance:

  • Our support team is available for inquiries, technical issues, or concerns.
  • Connect with support via email or Discord.

8. Community Engagement:

  • Actively participate in community forums, webinars, and discussions.
  • Uphold respectful and constructive communication; any harassment or discrimination leads to account termination.

9. Service Termination:

  • Retain the right to terminate accounts for guideline or terms of service violations.
  • No refunds for the remaining subscription period upon termination.

10. Policy Updates:

  • Policies may be updated; subscribers may not be notified, and continued use implies acceptance.

By subscribing to our real estate training, you agree to adhere to these policies. We are dedicated to providing a positive learning experience. Thank you for choosing us for your real estate education journey!